The Land of Green Ginger

A magician’s creation? Medieval street in Hull, England? Yorkshire pastoral life turn of the 20th century? Perceive that which is around you and your place within it. Do so in a brutally honest fashion. Assess your roles, how they came to be. Your memory permits you to know you are. Without that memory you could not know. Now a choice – float away forever, continue to be a waiting room member or leap into the abyss. The Land of Green Ginger in Hull contains a hotel with the smallest window in England. Through it one can see an arrival but little more. Our own personal Land of Green Ginger displays far more; much choice and many opportunities. Most often though, we are like that little window unable to see more than one chance at a time. It is said that the people’s idea of the truth is what makes it possible to live in a society. Are you one with that? The group’s idea of choice? Or, can you be the magician and create your own Land.


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