Co-Worker II

Obviously, imposing a false schedule to adhere to has not prevented us from failing to add to our blog on a daily basis. Perhaps spring time will be inspiring.
But, before we go, let us share with you a description of the illustrious environment at which the editors of this lackadaisical blog work.
The space is leased to a prestigious and nationally known law firm. It is, however, on a separate elevator bank. One cannot have that elite group of clients that patronize the firm coming into contact or mingling with the minions in our office.
Approximately 65 by 30 feet, the space is furnished with those temporary folding meeting tables, a handful of run down cast-off desks and office chairs that went out of use in the secretary stations 15 years ago. The carpet was new when the building opened 15-20 years ago. It has never been replaced. Criss-crossed with tape from tears or for holding down computer power cords and cabling it poses a safety hazard to the unwary or as is usually the norm – the listless. Occasionally it is cleaned – sort of like pushing the dirt from one place to another. Around the interior 3 walls are 8 feet tall steel shelves – most of which are empty. The wall color is said to be white but it is difficult to tell as the lighting fails to cast enough radiance. The window wall does offer light but the view is of a parking garage and besides we have been advised to keep the blinds down in order to prevent heat loss or incoming heat from the sun (depending upon season). It appears to be impossible for the room temperature to be maintained with any consistency.
Approximately 50 people work in this area, scattered about in a desultory and haphazard fashion. There is no privacy. To make or take a call one must go into the hall, seek the stairwell or the service elevator entrance. The peal of laughter or that of a chuckle is frequent – less so a harsh word. Surprising one would think given the environment, the work, and eminent lack of respect offered by the employer.


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