A colleague, departing from the office one day, turned and graced us with such a smile that its warmth and brilliance thrilled the hearts of all within its ambient radius. A recent text exchange brought up the examples of the “Mona Lisa” and “Chesire cat” smiles. (I think the Chesire cat is more of a grin – though it is difficult without context to differentiate between a smile and a grin, I digress) (A Mona Lisa smile is said to be enigmatic).


                                                                                                                                                               Sand stone carving circa 16th century of grinning Cheshire Cat, St. wilfrid’s Church.

A web search reveals a site containing pictures of 16 different ways to smile. Ranging from the the “Slow and Steady” (seen as authentic and flirtatious); the “come hither”  (think Lauren Bacall); the “genuine” or “Duchenne” smile:


to the “swooning” smile:


Combine the last two, add a dose of serious radience and you approach the one recently bestowed upon our office. Now, when the days are long or drabby or harsh one need only reflect upon that smile to be transported to a better place.


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